Evan and Katie’s golden hour engagement session was the perfect way to end the week. These two cuties love the outdoors and they couldn’t think of any better place to have their session than at Sweetwater Creek State Park in Villa Rica.  The fall weather made for a nice cool session.   I love the fall season in Georgia because the trees in our state parks are beautifully colored red, yellow, and orange.

Katie and Evan met while working in the Real Estate industry.  They worked on the same floor and one day struck up a conversation about music.  If I know anything about Evan it’s that he is passionate about music.  So naturally they quickly became friends which later on blossomed into a relationship.  Both of them are driven, but don’t take life too seriously.   They love to have fun, go on adventures together, and spend time with their friends and family.

Their engagement story is so sweet.  Evan and Katie went on a trip to San Francisco, California for Katie’s 30th birthday.  Katie suspected that Evan would propose during their trip but he was able to convince her otherwise.  While in Monterey Evan knew that he would propose that day but had no idea where to do it.  He wanted the proposal location to be special and different, not crowded with tourists.

Evan made reservations for dinner at their hotel as a last resort proposal location.  However, after realizing that the sunset wasn’t going to be visible from the restaurant he started to get discouraged.  Luckily a member of the hotel staff suggested that they go to a nearby beach for the best view of the sunset.

As soon as they arrived at the beach Evan knew that it was the perfect location to propose.  It was not only a beautiful view but they had that part of the beach all to themselves.  Evan asked Katie to marry him and she was shocked!  BEST SURPRISE EVER!  Katie of course said yes with excitement and they spent the rest of the evening watching the sunset and celebrating over dinner.

Evan and I have been good friends for almost ten years now.  I’ve seen him go through life’s ups and downs and all of the in between.  After spending time with Evan and Katie I know how perfect they are for each other.  They are partners in their relationship, which is so important.  They love and admire each other so much.  Evan and Katie inspire each other to be better –   better as humans, better at their careers, and better for each other.

Evan told me one day that he wanted to be a better person for Katie and that made me so happy to hear.  I could see it in his eyes that he meant every word.  He has grown so much over these past few years and all of these qualities of their relationship make for a great start to their marriage.

Evan and Katie are getting married in March of 2020 at Little River Farms in Milton.  I can’t wait to witness these two getting married.  Katie and Evan, I wish you both so much happiness and so many adventures together.  May your marriage be strong and grow with each passing year.  Cheers to your next adventure together!






Engagement Location: Sweetwater Creek State Park

Engagement Ring: Shane Company


These past few days have been amazing. The weather here at Hilton Head Island, SC has been nothing short of perfect. The warm air, the cool ocean breeze, and the ocean water was exactly what I needed. Bethany and I had never been to Hilton Head so we were excited to take a trip here. However, this trip was strictly business.

I’ve known Ben and Bryanna for almost two years now. They are a videography team in the wedding industry. They are also one of the sweetest couples that I have the pleasure of knowing. A couple of weeks ago Ben called me and said, “Michelle, it’s time.” I knew EXACTLY what he meant and I got soooo excited. Ben and Bryanna inspire me on so many levels. Not only are they building their lives together but they are also young entrepreneurs building their business. They were doing both of these things all while going to school full time. That’s a lot to juggle. I’m so proud of everything they have accomplished together, including their graduation last week from college.

This trip to Hilton Head Island, SC was not only a vacation to celebrate their graduation, it was also a trip to celebrate their love story.  Ben and Bryanna have been together for seven years. Bryanna looked forward to celebrating their anniversary with a nice dinner and a walk on the beach.  While Bryanna got ready for dinner, their friends and family were busy setting up the giant heart in the sand.  They used rose petals to line the heart and had picture frames with images of Ben and Bryanna throughout the years.  A love note was propped up against the picture frame and the ring was hidden underneath a starfish.  Ben and Bryanna arrived on the beach and began to walk towards the heart.  Bryanna loved seeing  all of the pictures of them and as she bent down to pick up the love letter Ben bent down to secretly grab the ring.  He told her to turn around to face him and when she was finished reading the letter Ben got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.  Bryanna’s reaction was that of happy tears and big smiles and she sweetly responded with a YES!

Ben and Bryanna, I am so honored to have been a part of this special moment in your lives.  I’m grateful for the friendship that we’ve built over the years and I can’t wait for your wedding day!  I’m wishing you so much love and happiness for the rest of your lives together.  Congratulations!


Barbara and Andrew’s Atlanta BeltLine engagement session was a much-needed distraction for them that day.  Barbara suffered a loss that week, which she took pretty hard, but they were still up for taking pictures.  I like to think their session helped them forget about the earlier events, even if it was just for a little bit.  I’d been looking forward to Barbara and Andrew’s engagement session for weeks because I’d never been to the BeltLine before that day.   If you’re unfamiliar with the Atlanta BeltLine, it’s a 22-mile transportation route filled with numerous trails and parks.   This unique city attraction actually sits on the old Atlanta train tracks that used to encircle the city.  You can find out more about the Atlanta BeltLine here.

Barbara and Andrew are such a cool couple.  When I first met them at a local cafe we talked about how they met, what they’re passionate about, and all of the good wedding day details.  I learned that Barbara and Andrew love the outdoors, in fact, they met on a group backpacking outing.  How cool is that?!  So naturally we decided to do their engagement session at a few of their favorite parks and trails in Atlanta.  The weather that day was beautiful, a tad bit chilly at times but the sun was shining, which made for beautiful pictures.  The natural light glow, which happens near sunset, is what dreams are made of.   We couldn’t have asked for a better day!

The way these two met is a story I hope they share often.  They were on a backpacking trip with an outdoor club. The first three days they spent together involved no showers, no plumbing, and no electricity.  They rode up and back together from the mountain with this other guy who would NOT stop talking. When Barbara dropped Andrew off at his truck, they shared a moment of eye contact.  However, they hadn’t exchanged numbers.  Three days later, he friended her on Facebook and she took a very cool 24 hrs. to respond.   It was then that he asked Barbara out on a date.

On their first date Barbara and Andrew met at a local pub where they ate, drank beer, and got to know each other.  Barbara said her first impression of him was that he was kind, whereas Andrew just wanted to ride in the car with her–which gave him more time with her.  Aren’t they the cutest?  After two years of dating Andrew proposed to Barbara in the quiet and intimate setting of their home.  These two lovebirds complement each other so much, which couldn’t have been more apparent than during their engagement session.  We started off at one of their favorite trails at Piedmont Park where the cherry blossom and tulip magnolia trees put on the most beautiful display of pink and white blossoms.  We then headed over to the Historic Forth Ward Skatepark, which if you’ve never been there either then it’s a must see for parks around Atlanta.  It was such an eclectic part of the city which lent the perfectly graffitied backdrop for Andrew and Barbara’s portraits.  I had such a good time with them that evening.  They showed me so many really cool spots that I had never been to before, but by far one of the coolest moments for me was where we ended our session.  They took me to the same pub where they had their first date!

Barbara and Andrew, you two are such a fun couple and I am looking forward your big day in November.  To see the way you two love each other is the biggest reason why I love being a wedding and engagement photographer.  The sweet nuzzles, the tight embraces, the flirtatious stares you two share with each other give me all the feels and make me excited about capturing your wedding day.  Although Andrew is quiet and a bit shy at times, his love for you screams loudly and I pray that it never quiets.  So, here’s to many more adventures together and one unforgettable wedding day.

Here in Georgia you never know what type of weather you’ll get.  One day it’s beautiful and sunny with a high of 80 degrees and the next day it’s the snowpocalypse.  The week of Sydney and Jeremy’s engagement session was no different.  The day before our downtown session it was a beautiful, sunny, and warm day.  I was so excited that we were going to have the perfect weather for taking pictures!  I think I jinxed it by saying how nice it was because the very next day it was beautiful, but freezing.

Normally when it’s cold outside you get a nice warm fire going, drink hot chocolate, and snuggle on the couch, right?  Not me!  I like doing engagement sessions :).  Sydney and Jeremy were such troopers and even though they were literally shivering, they rocked their session.   Let me tell you a little bit about these two awesome people.  They met in 2011 while working for the same agency.  They became friends first and after hanging out for a little while they began dating in 2014.

In the early part of 2017, Sydney planned a trip for Jeremy’s birthday.  She chose Charleston, South Carolina because of the beautiful historic homes and the relaxing atmosphere.  While touring a plantation that had a picturesque garden with multiple bridges, Jeremy asked Sydney which bridge she liked the most.  Sydney pointed to the one she loved and they began to walk towards the bridge in order to cross it.  While standing on the bridge Jeremy got down on one knee, pulled out a ring, and said, “You thought this trip was about me, but really it was about us.”  It was then that he asked Sydney to marry him.

I’ve known these two for a long time now and I’m excited that God has brought them together.  Their sarcastic humor and their kind hearts are what makes being in love the best part about life.  I love that I’ve gotten to know them over the years, become friends with them, and now I get to photograph their wedding in May.  It’s such an honor to be able to document their love story.  I’d love to share some of my favorite pictures from their downtown Atlanta engagement session.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  🙂