Barbara & Andrew – An Atlanta BeltLine Engagement


Barbara and Andrew’s Atlanta BeltLine engagement session was a much-needed distraction for them that day.  Barbara suffered a loss that week, which she took pretty hard, but they were still up for taking pictures.  I like to think their session helped them forget about the earlier events, even if it was just for a little bit.  I’d been looking forward to Barbara and Andrew’s engagement session for weeks because I’d never been to the BeltLine before that day.   If you’re unfamiliar with the Atlanta BeltLine, it’s a 22-mile transportation route filled with numerous trails and parks.   This unique city attraction actually sits on the old Atlanta train tracks that used to encircle the city.  You can find out more about the Atlanta BeltLine here.

Barbara and Andrew are such a cool couple.  When I first met them at a local cafe we talked about how they met, what they’re passionate about, and all of the good wedding day details.  I learned that Barbara and Andrew love the outdoors, in fact, they met on a group backpacking outing.  How cool is that?!  So naturally we decided to do their engagement session at a few of their favorite parks and trails in Atlanta.  The weather that day was beautiful, a tad bit chilly at times but the sun was shining, which made for beautiful pictures.  The natural light glow, which happens near sunset, is what dreams are made of.   We couldn’t have asked for a better day!

The way these two met is a story I hope they share often.  They were on a backpacking trip with an outdoor club. The first three days they spent together involved no showers, no plumbing, and no electricity.  They rode up and back together from the mountain with this other guy who would NOT stop talking. When Barbara dropped Andrew off at his truck, they shared a moment of eye contact.  However, they hadn’t exchanged numbers.  Three days later, he friended her on Facebook and she took a very cool 24 hrs. to respond.   It was then that he asked Barbara out on a date.

On their first date Barbara and Andrew met at a local pub where they ate, drank beer, and got to know each other.  Barbara said her first impression of him was that he was kind, whereas Andrew just wanted to ride in the car with her–which gave him more time with her.  Aren’t they the cutest?  After two years of dating Andrew proposed to Barbara in the quiet and intimate setting of their home.  These two lovebirds complement each other so much, which couldn’t have been more apparent than during their engagement session.  We started off at one of their favorite trails at Piedmont Park where the cherry blossom and tulip magnolia trees put on the most beautiful display of pink and white blossoms.  We then headed over to the Historic Forth Ward Skatepark, which if you’ve never been there either then it’s a must see for parks around Atlanta.  It was such an eclectic part of the city which lent the perfectly graffitied backdrop for Andrew and Barbara’s portraits.  I had such a good time with them that evening.  They showed me so many really cool spots that I had never been to before, but by far one of the coolest moments for me was where we ended our session.  They took me to the same pub where they had their first date!

Barbara and Andrew, you two are such a fun couple and I am looking forward your big day in November.  To see the way you two love each other is the biggest reason why I love being a wedding and engagement photographer.  The sweet nuzzles, the tight embraces, the flirtatious stares you two share with each other give me all the feels and make me excited about capturing your wedding day.  Although Andrew is quiet and a bit shy at times, his love for you screams loudly and I pray that it never quiets.  So, here’s to many more adventures together and one unforgettable wedding day.