Y’all!  Jo and Raef’s wedding day finally arrived and I couldn’t be happier for this sweet couple.  I had been looking forward to Jo’s special day for quite some time.  Jo and I went to motorcycle school together a few years ago and we instantly clicked.  She is just a ray of sunshine with a giant heart.   Jo messaged me on Facebook about photographing her wedding.  She wasn’t technically engaged yet but she knew that Raef was the one.    I love how excited Jo was at the thought of marrying this man.  It made me look forward to the day that she actually got engaged, which wasn’t far behind her initial message.  Jo wasn’t playing any games.  A few days after her engagement she booked me for her North Georgia wedding.  I was so excited for them and I couldn’t wait for November 2nd to get here.

Jo and Raef’s beautiful wedding at Waters Mill in Dahlonega was perfect.  Their wedding day was filled with so much love and joy.  I could see just how much they loved each other and it melted my heart.  I may have cried several times throughout the day.  Do you know the Song of Solomon quote, I have found the one whom my soul loves?  Jo and Raef are the living version of that statement.  To watch these two in the presence of each other was beautiful.  I mean, they couldn’t keep their eyes, or lips lol, off of each other.

Their wedding weekend started off with Katie, the Matron of Honor, breaking her foot the day before the wedding.  However, Katie made sure that Jo and Raef’s wedding day went on without a hitch.  Every little detail of the wedding was a true reflection of them as a couple.  From the outdoor ceremony to the little s’mores favor boxes for each guest, which tied into their engagement story.  Because they wanted to remember each guest that was there they did a huge group photo of everyone that attended.  I love that idea!  Raef sang a sweet song to Jo after their first dance.  Lastly, they had each guest sign a puzzle piece because they wouldn’t be there celebrating their love without the role that each guest played in their lives.

Jo and Raef, you two are truly made for each other.  Your love for one another is pure and relentless and I am beyond honored that you chose me to photograph this huge event in your lives.  I pray that your passion and love for one another only grows stronger throughout the years.  I wish you many adventures together, many happy tears from laughing so hard with one another, and a lifetime of comfort and belonging found only in each others arms.  You two mean the world to me.  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Eagan.


Michelle Mejia-Jones


Wedding Venue: Waters Mill

Florist: Nancy Reed (Aunt of the Bride)

Cake: Publix

DJ: Atlanta DJs

Hair Stylist: Dana Carden

Make-up: Peyton Menz

Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Bride’s Shoes: Kate Spade

Rings: Kay Jewlers

Groom’s Suit and Shoes: Mens Warehouse

Invitations and Programs: Vistaprint


One of my favorite things about my job is being able to meet new people and getting to know their love story.  Taylor and Drew’s love story is no different.  You might even call it a fairytale.  Taylor and Drew met in a singles group for people who LOVE Disney. After talking for a short while they realized that they were from the same small town in Georgia and even went to the same high school.  It’s a small world after all.  At the time Taylor lived in Georgia and Drew lived in Florida which made them meeting in person a bit more challenging.  They originally wanted to have their first date at Disneyland but they couldn’t wait that long and met up in Alabama.  It’s cute how smitten they were with each other.

Taylor and Drew were together six months when Drew took her on a trip of a lifetime, Disneyland.  It was her first time ever visiting the park and she was so excited.  On the first day of the trip, they visited Griffith Park and he took Taylor on a private tour of Walt’s Barn, where Walt Disney worked on his trains.  After the tour they were taking pictures when Drew got down on one knee and asked Taylor to marry him.  Of course she said yes and they spent the rest of the week exploring Disneyland and celebrating their engagement.

I arrived at Ashven Estate in Villa Rica, Ga. with excitement and determination to turn this stormy wedding day into something bright and joyful.  The drive up to Ashven Estate was beautiful and peaceful.  The rolling hills and green pastures were a nice scenic break away from the congestion of the city.   The country air was fresh and the vibes were so chill. That’s exactly what I love about rural weddings.  As I drove down the long gravel road I remember thinking to myself that I had hoped those dark clouds didn’t stick around too long.  It’s always a bummer when it thunderstorms on a wedding day.  Despite the dark clouds I began the day with an optimistic feeling.  That’s when I met Taylor in the bridal suite and her beaming smile made the day brighter than the sun could.  She was so sweet and had the most positive outlook on the day.

I met her family and her closest friends as they surrounded her with love and joy.  They laughed as they recalled funny moments within their many years of friendship.  Taylor told me all about the different groups of guests and how her and Drew knew each one.  I even met the cutest flower girl ever!  Her name is Lily and she is the most adorable poodle that you’ll ever meet.  She was my favorite wedding guest to photograph.  If you know anything about me it’s that I love fur babies, having 6 of my own.

After documenting all of the fun little moments in the bridal suite it was time for their First Look.  I absolutely LOVE First Looks.  It’s the first time the couple sees each other before the ceremony.  To see the reasons why I love it check out my blog post 3 Reasons Why.  Taylor and Drew’s First Look was just what they needed to get the day started.  They had the biggest smiles on their face as they saw each other in their wedding best.  The private time together got them so pumped to see each other at the Ceremony.

The Ceremony went off without a hitch as the skies threatened to open.  Luckily it held off long enough for Taylor and Drew to say I DO!  The stormy sky made for an interesting and beautiful back drop during their newlywed portraits.  As the sun began to dip behind the horizon the music and festivities heated up as the night went on.  I had so much fun capturing the joy in the room as everyone celebrated Taylor and Drew.  Even Lily had a great time!

Taylor and Drew, I am so honored that I was able to document your wedding day.  I wish you both the best as you move across the country and start your new life together.  May you always dance and laugh together, go on adventures together, and grow more and more in love with each other.




I hope you enjoy some of my favorite images from Taylor and Drew’s amazing wedding day.

Ceremony and Reception | Ashven Estate

Hair & Makup | Lakin Jacobs

Cake/Catering | Ashven Estate


Brittany and Brad’s wedding was one that I had been looking forward to since our first meeting.  We did a video chat introduction before planning their engagement session and I instantly fell in love with them.  Brittany was this high energy and bubbly woman who had this huge smile on her face the entire time.  Brad on the other hand was this quiet and shy guy but his fun personality quickly came out as we continued to talk.  We laughed so hard at the smallest things.  I knew right then and there that we were going to have so much fun on their wedding day.


I arrived at The Farm in Rome, Georgia on the most beautiful day.  The sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  Brittany and Brad were getting ready and both of them were a little bit anxious, Brittany more so than Brad.  She was more anxious leading up to the first look, which was my favorite part of their day.  As I lead her to where Brad had been patiently waiting for her she kept letting go of happy tears.  She kept saying, “look at my hands, they’re shaking.”  I got Brittany into place and told her that when she was ready she should call his name to have him turn around.  Brittany took a deep breath and called out to Brad.  What happened next had me in tears.  Brad turned around to see Brittany in all of her beauty and he began crying.  The genuine emotions that came their first look is why I will always recommend having one.  Brad smiled so big and hugged  Brittany so tight that I knew this was a marriage that would last a lifetime.


Brittany and Brad’s wedding day was full of laughter and high fives.  Their family and friends were just as fun as they were.  Brittany and Brad I can’t express to you how much fun I had getting to know the both of you.  It was like I had known both of you  for years.  I know that y’all have been together for a long time and nobody is a better match for each other than you two.  I wish you both a lifetime of silliness and laughter, lots of quiet cuddles on the couch, days off together filled with quality time, and most importantly a love that continues to grow with each year.  Thank you for choosing me to serve you.


All my love,

Michelle Mejia-Jones





Photographer:  Mejia-Jones Photography

Venue: The Farm, Rome, Ga.

Wedding Planner: Dixie Lee Events and Design

Cake: The Sweet Bar


Hair & Makeup:


It was the perfect day for a wedding.  Erin and Jameson decided to have a very cute and intimate wedding at the beautiful venue called The Farm in Rome, Ga.  If you’ve never been there it is simply breathtaking.  The Farm, which is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, sits on over 200 acres and is the most romantic venue I’ve ever been to.


The first time that I met both Erin and Jameson was on their wedding day.  They were both so sweet and down to earth.  You could tell that they were excited about getting married.  Their wedding was perfectly simple and reflected their love for each other in the best ways.  They had a short ceremony where they spoke words of love and promises.  One of my favorite parts of wedding ceremonies is to watch the couple as they stand there with each other.  I love to see if they smile at each other, or talk to each other, or if they are just too nervous to even think of anything except not messing up their vows.  Erin and Jameson were so cute and giggly as they stood there.  It was like two high school kids holding hands for the first time.


The ceremony was followed by a brief but sweet reception, after all they had a plane to catch (#honeymoonbound).  They shared their first dance together in the beautifully lit stables and finished off their day with some cake!  What better way to finish off their wedding right?  I really enjoyed their intimate wedding day, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is trying to avoid a huge crowd.  Erin and Jameson got to spend time visiting with each of their guests which made it not only memorable to them but also to their  guests.


Erin and Jameson, it was such a joy to meet both of you on your wedding day.  The love that I witnessed between the two of you was so sweet and I wish you both so much happiness.  Thank you for allowing me to serve you.


Michelle Mejia-Jones





Photographer:  Mejia-Jones Photography

Venue: The Farm, Rome, Ga.

Wedding Planner: Dixie Lee Events and Design

Cake: The Sweet Bar

Florals: Flowers of Rome

Hair & Makeup: Vigilante Cosmetics – Kyle

Officiant:  Forever Love Wedding Ministries – Mike Volk

Sydney and Jeremy’s wedding at Spring Lake Events in Rockmart, Ga. was one I won’t soon forget.  Their wedding was one that I had been looking forward to for a while.  Seriously!  I used to work with both Jeremy and Sydney and although they both left for a different employer we remained friends.  I had always asked Jeremy about his dating life because I knew what a good man he was and I knew that whoever he ended up with would be such a lucky woman.  After I found out that he had been dating Sydney I was so happy because I thought they were perfect for each other.  When I saw on Facebook that they had gotten engaged I was so excited for them because they are just so cute together.  Sydney later reached out to me and asked if I would photograph their wedding and I couldn’t have been more honored.

Sydney and Jeremy’s love story is one that I share often.  They met each other in 2011 while working for the same agency.  On Sydney’s first day of work she picked up her ID badge from him.  Sydney told a co-worker that she thought Jeremy was cute, but the co-worker didn’t know who Sydney was talking about.  One day Jeremy walked by the office and Sydney said, “That’s him!” not knowing that she was a little louder than she thought.   Then in 2012 they left that agency and both ended up at the same agency again.  They even ended up on the same shift where they became work partners and eventually good friends.  In 2014 they were reminicing about their friendship when Jeremy asked Sydney what she meant when she said, “That’s Him” years ago.  Sydney told him and not long after that they began dating.  Little did she know Jeremy had been checking her out from day one as well.

In May of 2017 Sydney planned a surprise trip to Charleston for Jeremy’s 28th birthday.  She planned a few activities for the three days they were there.  On the second day of their trip, 5/8/17, they went to Magnolia Plantation where they toured the house and gardens.  Sydney remembers that Jeremy was acting weird and she was afraid that he was bored with her activity choices.  There were several bridges in the gardens and Jeremy asked Sydney which one was her favorite bridge.  She told him that it was the biggest one that went over the pond.  Jeremy tried to play it cool and told her that they had forgotten to see one of the bridges that was on their site map.  When they got back to Sydney’s favorite bridge Jeremy waited until all of the other tourists had left from the bridge.  After the bridge cleared Sydney and Jeremy started to walk across it when they stopped in the middle.  Sydney pulled the map out of his back pocket and started looking at it.  After Sydney looked up Jeremy said, ” You thought this trip was about me but it was actually about us.”  He then got down on one knee and proposed!  He is such a romantic.

Sydney and Jeremy were very optimistic that day when I arrived.  Both of them were in their own suites surrounded by their best friends and family.  Jeremy was cutting up with the guys while Sydney was relaxing with her girls.  They decided before the wedding day to do a First Touch (which I highly recommend – click here to see Why I love First Looks) which was such a special moment.  Sydney and Jeremy had written each other letters and were exchanging them during the First Touch.  These are the intimate moments that each couple should look forward to.

There seems to be a weather theme when it comes to these two.  Their engagement session was extremely cold and windy but they were such troopers and toughed it out.  You can check out their Atlanta engagement session here, which was featured on How He Asked, by The Knot.  Sydney and Jeremy’s wedding day forecast called for downpours all day but they didn’t let that get them down.  The threat of rain held off just long enough for them to say “I Do”.  As they turned around and walked down the aisle as husband and wife the sky opened up and it POURED!  Well that was good timing (LOL).

Sydney and Jeremy are such a fun-loving, down to earth, outdoorsy couple and this is everything I hope for when I photograph couples.  Their wedding day called for rain but they didn’t let that spoil their day.  The ceremony was beautiful and the sun even peaked through the clouds a few times during their vows.  However, seconds after they had been introduced as husband and wife it began to pour and everyone ran for cover.  It didn’t rain for too long and Sydney and Jeremy were adventurous enough to take all of their bridal party pictures in the rain.  We had a such a great time during that part of the day and the rain made for some great shots.

After the newlywed portraits it was time to party!  Sydney and Jeremy definitely had a great time celebrating their first hours of marriage.  Once the first dances were complete it was time for the toasts and the Best Man did not disappoint.  He made everyone laugh and you really got to see how many fun loving and awesome people they had there supporting them.  After lots of good food, great drinks, and fun groomsmen dancing moments Sydney and Jeremy wrapped up their wedding day with a sparkler exit.  Sparklers always make for great pictures so if you’re thinking about what to do for your exit I would highly recommend it.

Sydney and Jeremy I wish you both nothing but happiness in your marriage.  May you learn how to speak lovingly to one another, even when it’s hard.  Learn how to grow both individually and as a couple.  Be the example of love and kindness for others.  Laugh with each other until your stomach hurts….or one of you has to perform the Heimlich from choking on your spit.  Forgive each other even when it seems impossible to do so.  But most importantly love passionately and unapologeticly.  I’m so grateful to call you both my friends and I look forward to your future together.

Cheers to so many wonderful things ahead!



Brittney and Justin’s wedding at The Mill at Yellow River in Porterdale, GA in March was as beautiful and fun as I had hoped.  The Mill at Yellow River sits in the quaint little town of Porterdale, GA where if you didn’t know that it was there you’d drive right past it.  The old twine mill has been transformed from its neglected bones to a fully restored live and work space, which houses this beautiful wedding venue.  The Mill at Yellow River offers an industrial feel while maintaining its charm with a full lush garden and patio.  One of its unique and most popular features is the beautiful and rocky terrain of the Yellow River.  When Brittney, Justin, and I met last year and toured the venue we were so excited about the potential for amazing photos on the rocks.   However, on their wedding day in March we were unable to get down to the rocks due to the large amount of rain the town had received over the past few weeks.  That didn’t stop us from getting some beautiful photos by the river.

Justin and Brittney met like most other couples these days, on a dating website.  Their first date was as relaxed and laid back as they are.  They met up on a Wednesday in the middle of a horrible Florida thunderstorm.  Brittney thought Justin was tall and handsome and Justin thought Brittney was cute.  They bonded over Brittney’s horrible bowling skills and by the time the date was over Justin stole a sweet kiss from her.  Needless to say, they were the perfect match.

After four and a half years together Justin knew it was time to propose.  You couldn’t write a movie with a more perfect plot line. In April of 2016 while visiting Justin’s family in New Jersey, Justin told his mom he wanted to propose. Once back in Florida he called Brittney’s mom and asked for her blessing. So began months of intrigue and secrecy. Justin and Brittney’s mom came up with a plot for Justin to propose on their cruise over the Thanksgiving holiday. Brittney’s mom even had Brittney pick out her own engagement ring without noticing by sending photos back and forth on Pinterest. The night before the two departed on the cruise Justin went to go “hang out” with his family while Brittney packed at which point he gave his grandmother the ring to hide until the big day. He also gave his mom the letters and photos from Brittney’s family who could not go on the cruise. On Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016, the group got together to take formal family photos. During the photos Justin stopped the photographer, got on one knee and popped the question. The entire proposal was caught on video by a secret camera man.

The wedding day started out with the girls arriving at the venue with their hair and makeup already done.  This small act on the bride’s part actually gives me more time to take more photos of what matters to her.   Brittney and her bridesmaids were so cute in their matching shirts.  The love and laughter that filled that room was incredible.  After that it was time for Brittney to put her dress on, which she looked amazing in.  Brittney has such an infectious smile that makes you want to be her best friend.   Debbie, my second shooter, had such a good time with the guys.  They were so relaxed and really enjoyed their time hanging out before it was time for Justin and Brittney’s First Look.  Justin gave each of his groomsmen a box which contained a personalized flask, a can of Coke, and a mini bottle of Jack Daniels.  How awesome is that!?!

When it was time for Brittney and Justin’s First Look we chose a cute garden near the river, tucked away for privacy.  I don’t think Justin really knew what to expect but when he turned around and saw Brittney in her dress for the first time he had the biggest smile on his face.  It was so obvious that he was madly in love with her.

The ceremony took place on the lawn facing the Yellow River.  They had so many friends and family there to witness their proclamation of love.  However, watching them and the way they looked at each other the whole time it was like they were the only two that existed in the whole world at that moment in time.  They wrote their own vows which were so beautiful and heartfelt that they literally left everyone in tears.

After the ceremony we took bridal party and family portraits on the lawn before the partying began.  When the sun was beginning to set we quickly went back outside for some gorgeous golden hour portraits by the river.  The golden sun light backlighting them as they stared at each other longingly, was simply magical.  I highly recommend sunset portraits.  Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Brittney and Justin spent the rest of the evening dancing and visiting with all of their guests.  Justin even had a sweet moment with his Grandmother, whom they didn’t think would be able to attend.  They slowed danced with each other and she sweetly looked up at him and placed her hand on his cheek.  Without saying a word you knew that she was so proud of him and happy for him that he found happiness.  It was the perfect moment, which had everyone in the room in tears.

After a fun filled reception Justin and Brittney were surrounded by sparklers as they walked to their Corvette, Justin’s dream car.  The car was a last minute surprise by Justin’s family.  These two were probably more excited about the getaway car than the honeymoon.  Just joking, but they were pretty stoked.

Justin and Brittney, you two are the perfect match.  Y’all are funny, love the outdoors, go along with each other’s hobbies, and have weathered so many storms together.  You two are rock solid and I know that God made you for each other.  You both deserve nothing but the best and I wish you both a lifetime of car shows, hikes, snuggles with Finn, and lots of new adventures together.

Cheers to so many fun things ahead for you both!!


I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite pictures from their perfect day.