Sydney & Jeremy | A Lakeside Wedding

Sydney and Jeremy’s wedding at Spring Lake Events in Rockmart, Ga. was one I won’t soon forget.  Their wedding was one that I had been looking forward to for a while.  Seriously!  I used to work with both Jeremy and Sydney and although they both left for a different employer we remained friends.  I had always asked Jeremy about his dating life because I knew what a good man he was and I knew that whoever he ended up with would be such a lucky woman.  After I found out that he had been dating Sydney I was so happy because I thought they were perfect for each other.  When I saw on Facebook that they had gotten engaged I was so excited for them because they are just so cute together.  Sydney later reached out to me and asked if I would photograph their wedding and I couldn’t have been more honored.

Sydney and Jeremy’s love story is one that I share often.  They met each other in 2011 while working for the same agency.  On Sydney’s first day of work she picked up her ID badge from him.  Sydney told a co-worker that she thought Jeremy was cute, but the co-worker didn’t know who Sydney was talking about.  One day Jeremy walked by the office and Sydney said, “That’s him!” not knowing that she was a little louder than she thought.   Then in 2012 they left that agency and both ended up at the same agency again.  They even ended up on the same shift where they became work partners and eventually good friends.  In 2014 they were reminicing about their friendship when Jeremy asked Sydney what she meant when she said, “That’s Him” years ago.  Sydney told him and not long after that they began dating.  Little did she know Jeremy had been checking her out from day one as well.

In May of 2017 Sydney planned a surprise trip to Charleston for Jeremy’s 28th birthday.  She planned a few activities for the three days they were there.  On the second day of their trip, 5/8/17, they went to Magnolia Plantation where they toured the house and gardens.  Sydney remembers that Jeremy was acting weird and she was afraid that he was bored with her activity choices.  There were several bridges in the gardens and Jeremy asked Sydney which one was her favorite bridge.  She told him that it was the biggest one that went over the pond.  Jeremy tried to play it cool and told her that they had forgotten to see one of the bridges that was on their site map.  When they got back to Sydney’s favorite bridge Jeremy waited until all of the other tourists had left from the bridge.  After the bridge cleared Sydney and Jeremy started to walk across it when they stopped in the middle.  Sydney pulled the map out of his back pocket and started looking at it.  After Sydney looked up Jeremy said, ” You thought this trip was about me but it was actually about us.”  He then got down on one knee and proposed!  He is such a romantic.

Sydney and Jeremy were very optimistic that day when I arrived.  Both of them were in their own suites surrounded by their best friends and family.  Jeremy was cutting up with the guys while Sydney was relaxing with her girls.  They decided before the wedding day to do a First Touch (which I highly recommend – click here to see Why I love First Looks) which was such a special moment.  Sydney and Jeremy had written each other letters and were exchanging them during the First Touch.  These are the intimate moments that each couple should look forward to.

There seems to be a weather theme when it comes to these two.  Their engagement session was extremely cold and windy but they were such troopers and toughed it out.  You can check out their Atlanta engagement session here, which was featured on How He Asked, by The Knot.  Sydney and Jeremy’s wedding day forecast called for downpours all day but they didn’t let that get them down.  The threat of rain held off just long enough for them to say “I Do”.  As they turned around and walked down the aisle as husband and wife the sky opened up and it POURED!  Well that was good timing (LOL).

Sydney and Jeremy are such a fun-loving, down to earth, outdoorsy couple and this is everything I hope for when I photograph couples.  Their wedding day called for rain but they didn’t let that spoil their day.  The ceremony was beautiful and the sun even peaked through the clouds a few times during their vows.  However, seconds after they had been introduced as husband and wife it began to pour and everyone ran for cover.  It didn’t rain for too long and Sydney and Jeremy were adventurous enough to take all of their bridal party pictures in the rain.  We had a such a great time during that part of the day and the rain made for some great shots.

After the newlywed portraits it was time to party!  Sydney and Jeremy definitely had a great time celebrating their first hours of marriage.  Once the first dances were complete it was time for the toasts and the Best Man did not disappoint.  He made everyone laugh and you really got to see how many fun loving and awesome people they had there supporting them.  After lots of good food, great drinks, and fun groomsmen dancing moments Sydney and Jeremy wrapped up their wedding day with a sparkler exit.  Sparklers always make for great pictures so if you’re thinking about what to do for your exit I would highly recommend it.

Sydney and Jeremy I wish you both nothing but happiness in your marriage.  May you learn how to speak lovingly to one another, even when it’s hard.  Learn how to grow both individually and as a couple.  Be the example of love and kindness for others.  Laugh with each other until your stomach hurts….or one of you has to perform the Heimlich from choking on your spit.  Forgive each other even when it seems impossible to do so.  But most importantly love passionately and unapologeticly.  I’m so grateful to call you both my friends and I look forward to your future together.

Cheers to so many wonderful things ahead!