Faith and Jonathan were so lucky because it stormed the past two days before their prom session.  We worried that we might have to cancel the session due to the weather.  That normally wouldn’t be such a big deal except that Faith had flown in from Texas the night before.  Faith and Jonathan knew each other from high school.  However, last year faith and her family moved to Texas, making her friendship with Jonathan a long distance one.

I met them both on the Marietta Square in downtown Marietta, Ga.   I knew it would be crowded due to the Saturday Farmer’s Market, the opening of the new Marietta Square Market (a cool place by the way), and the fact that there were many other high schoolers there for their prom pictures as well.  I grew up in Marietta so I’m very familiar with the beautiful historic neighborhoods that outline the city.

I asked them to trust me while I wisked them away for a short drive to a side street that was lined with beautiful trees.  This made the perfect backdrop for their prom pictures.  I have to admit that although I am brave when it comes to picking a location I do get a little nervous that someone may not want us there and potentially kick us out.  However, this was a public sidewalk in a neighborhood and we were allowed to be there.  I’m just appreciative that the home owners were very welcoming and supportive.

Faith and Jonathan rocked their prom session.  They had the cutest interactions that made it easy to photograph their genuine smiles.  Watching them took me back to my prom days where everything was rainbows and unicorns.  I had so much fun with my girls and our high school crew that nothing else mattered around us.  I truly hope that Faith and Jonathan enjoyed their prom.  These are memories that they will have forever and I pray they are great ones.

To Faith and Jonathan, I hope you live your life to the fullest.  Study hard, make good grades, but it’s important to play hard too.  Don’t be afraid to dream.  These are the moments that will shape your life and I want you to have it all.  So enjoy today and everyday.  I wish so much success and happiness in your lives.  I can’t wait to see what you accomplish.